Massage as Gift

  1. Request your gift voucher here by filling in the form.
  2. Transfer the amount of your gift or the price of the chosen service to the account received in the automatic confirmation email.
  3. We send you the voucher in a PDF file to your email.
  4. Deliver your gift! 🙂
  5. Your beloved/friend can book their massage appointment using our booking page on our website within the given time limit. On the booking form, they should mention in the comment field, for example: “Christmas Voucher”.
  6. Your beloved/friend comes to our studio, gets refreshed, enjoys themselves, feels happy and will leave gratefully. 🙂
The gift can be a a chosen massage service with a given duration (ex. 90 Minutes of Thai Aromatic Oil Massage) or a certain amount of money (ex. 10000 HUF).
We will send the payment details and later on the voucher itself as a PDF document here.